Meetup in January 29, 2020

Out next event will be January 29, 2020, hosted by Uber in their downtown Seattle office. Seats are limited, and you’ll need a ticket. Get yours at We’ll have two talks: Fardin Abdi from Uber will present “An introduction to Horovod” describing techniques to scale deep learning training jobs to lots of GPUs. ThisContinue reading “Meetup in January 29, 2020”

Brushing up on Linear Algebra

For techies diving into machine learning and deep learning, the math can be daunting. While you can get a lot done without being fluent in vector spaces and linear transformations, understanding these conceptually can go a long way to making you be effective. Both by understanding what’s possible, and in interacting with scientists. We highlyContinue reading “Brushing up on Linear Algebra”